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Why Your Copywriter, Web Designer Will Never Be Able To Rank Your Website

Written by Digital Impact Solutions on November 27, 2015
It amazes me at the many networking events I attend to hear how many different niches, have now jumped on the SEO bangwagon. Copywriters, Web Designer, PR Companies all seem to have the magic formula when it comes to ranking websites.

In this article I want dispel the myths regarding search engine optimisation and why most (not all) copywriters, web designers won’t be able to help you in your quest for visibility in the search engines.

My Web Designer Says My Site Will Be Search Engine Friendly So I Don’t Need SEO
I get this one a lot and it makes me smile. Your web designer means that they will make sure the site fulfils some of the technical criteria surrounding SEO, good navigation, mobile friendly, fast site speed, not too much code…but what about keywords? What about promoting yourself online? If they are not carrying out any sort of keyword research on the types of words your customers are searching for and then implementing them strategically in your site, how will Google know what it is you want to be found for?

Summary: Don’t blame your web designer when in six months’ time you have this great looking site but no visitors, as being search engine friendly doesn’t mean visibility in the search engines. This still takes work. I don’t design websites because I am not a web designer! I do SEO because I am good at it!

My Coypwriter Writes SEO Content
If you wanted to bake a cake and left out a majority of the ingredients needed to make it rise, would it be a cake? no it would be a sticky mess. Don’t get me wrong content is king and every site should have a copywriter to speak to the customer on their level, using the buyers demographic (age, gender, interests, problems they need solving etc) and yes they can make sure keywords are in the content, but what is SEO content. Body text is only half the battle, there are things like meta tags, image descriptions, inner page linking, keyword research and most importantly amplification. Amplification involves getting eyes on the content. Knowing where people are reading the content your copywriter puts together and then getting them to link back to it is vital to online visibility. Never mind what people say, links are still vital to SEO Success whether earned (preferably 90% of the time) or built.

Summary: If your copywriter mentions he does SEO copywriting, this won’t rank your website, fact! The text will be optimised for certain keyphrases but this will NOT rank your website.

Dear Sir or Madam….We Notice You’re Not On The First Page Of Google
Everyone has had an email like this before. Often from a company you have never heard of who email you out of the blue, promising you first page of Google with 30 day money back guarantee, pay by results or a low monthly retainer. The truth is this is the quickest way to penalisation. How many time have you built trust with someone who has just contacted you out of the blue, with an offer too good to be true. Emails like this destroy the SEO community and make us look very shady. Three reasons you will use a good SEO company. 1)You know of them (someone spoke about them, you like what they say on social media or they are on the first page of Google for the city you’re in) 2)Someone referred you after receiving good service 3)You met them at a networking event or exhibition.

Summary: Seriously before 2012 you could have hired any one of these guys and they would have delivered. The SEO world has changed dramatically. If you don’t trust them or don’t know them, don’t use them!!

In summary, I am not saying all web designers or web agencies can’t do SEO but be very careful where someone’s actual passion lies. SEO has become a grown up business in itself and the penalties for getting it wrong can damage your brand, rankings and more importantly your conversion.

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