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5 Useless SEO Tactics That No Longer Work

Written by Digital Impact Solutions on October 23, 2015
There is no doubt the SEO Landscape has changed remarkably to what it was even 4 years ago. Yet it surprises me how many SEO’s still don’t get it and still try and offer me their outsourcing services with quite scandalous and dangerous tactics that could see your site heavily penalised by Google.

Here I outline 5 useless SEO Tactics that no longer work
  1. Keyword Rich Anchor Text – Anchor Text is the actual text used in a link. So for instance if I was linking to our content marketing page “content marketing page” would be the anchor text. When building links from other websites back to a clients you normally would look to have an anchor text of around 60% for your main keywords and the other 40% would be other keywords/pages you wanted to rank for. This has changed considerably since the penguin update. Now a safe keyword anchor text is zero. Yes that’s right. It’s safer to link back using brand (i.e company name) or URL (domain of your website) if you place the link yourself and if someone links back to your voluntary let them decide what’s the best fit.
  1.  Multiple Domains Pointing To The Same Website – its gut wrenching when a client rings me and says “hey, I’ve just bought 14 domains with some amazing keywords in them, what do you think?” and I have to explain how they have just wasted £400 on pointless domains. You can only have 1 domain name pointing to 1 website. That’s it. Google will only rank and index one and the others will never show or worst of all one website might be indexed then de-indexed as another website takes it place. I also believe this can cause your rankings to suffer as Google sees these as different websites having the exact same content. Remember that! one website one domain, don’t buy any others!!
  1. Keyword Rich Domains – One of the easiest ways to rank websites was to buy the domain name with the word you wanted to rank for. For instance plumbersheffield.com. This was so effective in fact, you could rank for quite competitive niches just by owning the domain and building a few low quality links. Not anymore. Not only has Google levelled the playing field so that you have to do just as much work as everyone else but In my personal opinion a buyer is going to have so much more trust with your brand name as your website domain than buypersonalisedpens.com
  1. Unnatural Links – Again the penguin update basically ripped the SEO world apart. Links played a big part of SEO pre 2012, however quality didn’t. SEO friendly directories, social bookmarking sites (think of reddit, stumbleupon etc), forum profile links (links in a forum profile signature), article directories, private blog networks, PR submissions etc were submitted to In there hundreds, in fact my package of 300 SEO Friendly Directories, 100 Social Bookmarking Sites and 100 Article Submissions worked like a charm. Google got sick of spam and rankings being built purely on the number of links you built rather than how you earned them or someone linking to you because your site had the best content or was the best in its niche, and continues to penalise sites with unnatural looking link profiles. I am so glad that it happened too. It focused the SEO community to focus on conversion, traffic and then rankings which is what it should have always been.
  1. Over Optimised Sites – Keywords still play an important role in SEO, however some sites still get hung up on cramming as many keywords as they can into the text, into the menu’s, images, header’s/footer’s and meta tags. Forget it! I have said this since 2007 write text for humans not for search engines. Search Engines are getting extremely clever and can figure out exactly what it is your site does without blatantly telling them by repeating it 50 times. Your website, sales funnel, calls to action and copy should be geared towards your customer/clients not search engines.
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